Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy

“Crystals are the most organized and stable examples of physical matter in the natural world, …. All crystalline structure are made up of mathematically precise arrangements of atoms. This is the crystalline lattice, which confers a high level of stability. It also gives crystals their unique colors, hardness, geometrical shapes, and subtle energy properties.”
(Sacred Crystals of Hazel Raven, New Burlington Press London)

Crystal Therapy, through the use of different crystals, harmonizes the energetic side of the individual undergoing it.

An example of a Crystal Therapy session is the following:

Some crystals, adequately chosen and prepared, are positioned around and/or on the customer, who can remain fully clothed, provided the clothes are made of natural material.

During the session, the operator controls the movements of the energies and facilitates the changes of them.

In some sessions, you can get the balance of the chakras, the removal of energy blockages and limiting thought forms, and cleansing of the aura.

The predisposition to change the person undergoing the treatment determines the success of the session.

80One hour

  • Balancing of the chakras
  • Removal of energy blockages
  • Removal of limiting thought forms
  • Cleansing of the aura
  • Deep relaxation