Pancafit® is the only tool at the service of Raggi Method® patented in the whole world, it rebalances posture in a very easy and quick way by acting on all chains. It can restore freedom and wellness in every part of the body through the “global non-compensated muscular stretching”.
It is not just an analytic or classical stretching. Instead, it is a muscular stretching and is carried out by keeping a correct posture and without allowing “compensations”, i.e. all the antalgic mechanisms the body activates in order to escape tensions, pain, or simple unpleasant complaints. Moreover, this kind of stretching works together with breathing techniques aiming to unblock the diaphragm as well.

The benefits of Pancafit®

Pancafit® improves people’s posture and physical condition thanks to its action on tensions and muscular stiffness. As a matter of fact, it also shows indirect positive effects in case of pathologies such as:
·        blocked breathing;
·        cervical, formication, lumbago pain;
·        venous and lymphatic stasis;
·        slipped disc;
·        muscular hypotonia;
·        hiatal hernia;
·        pain in general;
·        formication;
·        myotensive headache;
·        carpal tunnel;
·        cervical, lumbar, hips, knee arthrosis;
·        sciatica;
·        hallux valgus;
75One hour

  • Unblock the diaphragm
  • Relieves muscle tensions
  • Increases mobility
  • Relieves muscle cramps
  • Release the pain

I am the only Pancafit® therapist in Ireland