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Andrea Tadello

What brought me closer to the world of massages was my passion for martial arts.

The study of the connections between movement, human anatomy and energy, which are the basis of Eastern philosophy, have stimulated in me the curiosity to deepen more and more the knowledge of the human body and the search for well-being for myself and for others.

I started my training in the field of wellness and alternative care in 2000.

In the first two years, I attended and completed a course of 1,800 hours of study at the Interdisciplinary Academy of Kinesiology Techniques, Professional School for Massage Therapists in Genoa (Italy) which gave me excellent practical and theoretical training and allowed me to work full time in the field of well-being.

In 2001 I attended some short courses in Naturopathy at the Rudy Lanza Institute in Turin (Italy) and I started to get interested in Spagyria and Alchymia by attending several study meetings and seminars in ancient monasteries.

My training continues in 2002 attending “The postural re-balancing” of the Raggi Method® by completing the four levels of Pancafit® training. In addition, I attended several meetings on those specific topics.

Always looking for new answers to solve the variety of my clients’ problems, in 2003 I started the training course in Transactional Kinesiology® in Modena (Italy) completing the modules “Cibus“, “Wellness“, “Cranio-Sacral Repatterning” and “Behavioral Barometer“.

Also in 2003, I obtained the qualification for the DORN Method and the BREUSS Massage.

In 2004 I completed the first Cyberkinetics module in Milan.

I resumed my studies in March 2006 attending the first level of CranioSacral Therapy in Milan at The Upledger Institute.

In April 2006, I completed the DNA I & II course and the Advanced Level “Theta Healing” by Vianna Stibal in Albenga (Province of Savona, Italy) and in 2007 I obtained the first REIKI Usui level.

In 2008 I furthered my professional qualification, attending and completing a 1,804-hour classroom training course for masseurs sponsored by the Liguria Region (Italy).

In 2016 I moved to Ireland with my family. Unfortunately, the approximate knowledge of spoken English was an obstacle in the first 3 years or so.

Slowly I started to resume working as a masseur and enriching my education by attending the First Aid course at the Adult Education Centre in Kenmare.

In June 2019, during a trip to Italy, I attend the AromaTouch® Technique course in Turin and in July I started studying Touch For Health at the Kinesiology College of Ireland.


What Our Customers Say

I have had several treatments with Andrea and my back just feels amazing afterwards..
I would definitely recommend him.

Andrea definitely knows his stuff. I would highly recommend Studio RA

Claire Thompson

Highly recommend! had a few issues with my back, went to several, professionals and nothing changed! Went to Andrea and after the first session, I felt so much better! They are amazing!

Cristina Samoila

I have had two treatments with Andrea and I find him Fantastic, having had spinal surgery, my back is feeling so much better already, Thank you Andrea.

Monique O'Sullivan

Everyone should definitely try a treatment from each one of these lovely people. Andrea is a miracle worker with his massage that will solve the most difficult of issues, including problems that you've suffered with for years and where you've already unsuccessfully tried a gazillion other types of treatments. Roberta's reflexology is simply to die for! Give them a call, you won't regret it!!!!

Toni O'Sullivan

Really fantastic, absolutely to try!

Marika Buttironi

Can highly recommend these guys, they are fabulous at what they do

Tina West

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